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Hygiene Control     

As regarding Bathroom Hygiene, we have a wide range to improve sanitation in the washroom.

Ladies' Hygiene Units (Sanitary Bin)

This unit is usually fitted into each cubicle, i.e. in the ladies' rest rooms. Each bin will contain a specified liquid chemical, which is very effective and offers a great protection against various infectious diseases, including Hepatatis A, Hepatatis B and HIV viruses.

Seat Sanitising Units

This sanitiser, is a toilet seat cleaner, which enables one to clean and disinfect the toilet seat from germs and bacteria, before being used.

Urinal Odour Sanitising Units

This sanitiser is designed to fit into any exposed pipe fittings. It is attached within the flushable urinal/bowl in order to control the odours.

Air Freshner Dispenser

This unit can be used either in rest rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, offices, common areas, etc. The purpose of this unit is that every interval, it sprays perfume in order to destroy odours.

All the Hygiene Units are available on a rental basis.

We also have available for sale Toilet Paper Dispenser and Hand Soap Dispensers.

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