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How often will you clean my home or office?

We offer a custom cleaning service depending on the needs of our customers. Clients entrust us with daily, weekly, bimonthly monthly and also custom cleaning schedules depending on the needs of our customers.

What times do you provide cleaning services?

With our over 100 employees work force we have the capacity to provide services across all Malta and Gozo.

Which areas do you service?

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What times do you provide cleaning services?

We can clean at any time that our clients require. Our schedule is fully flexible in terms of times and days. Our service revolves around our client needs.

Do you carry out regular quality control inspections and supervision?

Our team of managers are responsible for each of our employees. Supervision is carried out by means of regular spot-checks to ensure that the quality of service is always reaching the highest standard levels. We also, collect customer feedback after each service provided, in order to give the opportunity to our clients to raise their concerns. Feedback is immediately followed-up and resolved right away.

Will the cleaning products and equipment be included in the quotation?

Yes absolutely. All our quotations include highly trained personnel together with all the necessary cleaning products and equipment. Our personnel are also provided all the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to perform the cleaning services.

What cleaning products will you be using?

General Cleaners use premium cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Our employees are trained on the use and application of different cleaning products.  This ensures that the right cleaning product is used to clean specific surfaces to avoid any damages to your premises.

How do you safeguard the environment?

General Cleaners adopts a number of green measures to protect the environment. This includes; waste separation and recycling, reuse of plastic packaging and use of eco-friendly cleaning products. The company is certified against the requirements the ISO14001:2015 – Environment Management System standard.  The company is independently audited to ensure its’ commitment towards the environment.